Friday, January 15, 2016

Gale Databases and Google Drive

Great news for all Gale Database subscribers! (Which we have access to at SATEC thanks to the Vermont Online Library.)

The sign-in process is now a one-click connection to your Google Drive!

You can highlight important passages, create citations, and save articles for later review. They can be downloaded into your Google Drive and will go into their own folder. You can even collect all citations and download them as a single document.

Remember, in order to access any of the amazing Gale Databases, you'll need our school's log-in (ask your teacher). They can all be accessed from the Library's main page.

In addition to the simple sign-in and saving features, don't forget that these databases offer links to related articles and even the ability to have the text read-aloud while the words are highlighted.

Check out the Research In Context database for all of these topics and resources!