Thursday, October 9, 2014

VT PBS LearningMedia

Want a place where you can search over 87,000 streaming videos, activities, images, website links, lesson plans and students printables by National or Common Core Standards, grade level and specific subject areas? Would you like access to all of this for FREE?
VT PBS LearningMedia is an amazing resource that is available for FREE to VT educators and their students. They are currently featuring resources for National Anti-Bullying Month (October), but the range of video content and concepts covered is truly amazing. There's even the option to build lessons and quizzes on the site and assign them to your students. The lessons & videos will stream on iPads & Chromebooks too!

From Martha Speaks & Kids In Motion to NOVA & the Ken Burns Collection, content and supporting materials are organized and searchable. Go to VT PBS LearningMedia, create a free account and get started!