Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Keeping up with technology

One constant in technology is that nothing stays the same. Just when you think you have a program all figured out, the menu suddenly moves to the other side, or the icons change, or the selection you always choose is grayed out. This can be discouraging and can dampen even enthusiastic tech adopters. While there is no easy solution, change in technology is going to keep happening thanks to innovators and envelope pushers moving us forward towards better solutions, we can make it easier to keep up.

One way to keep up with changes is through social media. Joining G+ communities dedicated to educational technology or following ed tech leaders on Twitter are both great ways to stay abreast of what works and where problems may arise. There are also many in-person and online tutorials that can help when you don't know how to do what you want to with the technology you have.

It's also easy to be overwhelmed when attending a conference or tech-related professional development sessions. Often you are faced with too much information and too little context. Next time you choose or are required to receive tech-related training, set a purpose and goal for yourself prior to arriving. Do you want a better way to share info with parents? Or a way for students to share what they know in a creative way? Go with that in mind. You can't absorb everything, so make a point of focusing on solving your problem first.